Customer's Testimonials

"I’ve owned seven other crossbows from Horton, Barnett, Parker and Excalibur, but I’m more impressed by this new Matrix 355 than any other I’ve owned.  It was 100% sighted in right out-of-the-box, requiring NO scope adjustments of any kind.  I shot one arrow at 10 yards to ensure I was on the bag target and how far off I might be.  That first shot was literally a dead center bull’s-eye.  I backed up to 20 yards and was within ½ inch of dead center.  My wife’s cousin shot one at 20 yards and was within 1 inch.  I shot one more and was within 1 inch.  I then decided to try one of the Boltcutter 150 gr broad heads at 20 yards.  Amazingly, it was within 1 inch of dead center; shooting just like the field points, as promised by Bill Troubridge in your videos.  Finally, on just shot number six (6), we backed out to 50 yards as instructed by Bill, and with the Tact-Zone scope set for 355 fps (halfway between the 350 and 360 lines) and that shot was within 1 inch.  A photo of that last/6th shot is attached.  I can’t say enough about the quality of this piece of equipment and it will be prominently displayed and praised in all of my future Hunter Education classes.  I just wish Saturday, September 27th would get here sooner!"


"Now that I have sold my 3 Barnett crossbows I can't pick one of yours there all great want to shot out to atleast 40 yards thanks to thebackwoods boys I'm ready to change. Spent enough on the super crossbows, comparison test sold me"


"Hi my name is Mike and I'm an avid bow hunter and a proud owner of a Excalibur Matrix 355 crossbow. I would just like to take the time out to thank everyone at Excalibur for making such a excellent and durable product.

In early November, 2013 while out bow hunting I was just getting settled in my climber tree stand when I hung my crossbow on the tree using a hook that screwed to the tree. While getting settled in some how I bumped the cross bow causing it to fall 20 feet to the ground. I was shocked by what just happened and was expecting the worse, a broken cross bow. I began to descend down the tree to retrieve my cross bow and to see the damage. To my surprise the only thing that was broken was the arrow quiver that attaches to the cross bow itself. I then climbed back up the tree to start my hunt.

Within 30 minutes of getting settled in I see a nice wide 8 point buck about

50 yards out. I had thought for sure the scope would be off after the 20 foot drop. The buck came in 35 yards and I was able to get a clean shot. The cross bow was still dead on and I was able to harvest the buck with a perfect double lung shot. Once again I would like to thank you for making such a dependable product and I would recommend it to everyone. With that being said I would respectfully ask if I could receive a new arrow quiver for my cross bow, or at a discounted price. Thanks again and I hope to hear back from you. Also if you would like pictures of either the buck that was harvested or of the broken quiver I would be more then happy to provide you with them."


"To the fine people of Excalibur!!  I had the honor of shooting your new Matrix 380 Crossbow and I was totally blown away!! The Matrix 380 is, hands down, the hardest hitting, smoothest, quietest, fastest, and most accurate crossbow I've ever shot in my lifetime and that includes the PSE TAC-15!! The Matrix 380 is "Bad To The Bone" and I'm trying to find a way as we speak to buy my very own, because after shooting the Matrix, I never want to shoot anything else. I've never been this excited about anything in my life! Excalibur, YOU ROCK!!!"


"To whom it may concern,

I just want to say thank you for the amazing products you sell. I have been an avid bowhunter for over 20 years. I have introduced many people to this great sport. I've enjoyed everything from longbows and recurves, to the finest compounds available. I can honestly say that Excaliber crossbows are some of the finest bows i've had the pleasure of shooting. Im passionate about archery. And in the last seven months I've become passionate about Excaliber. I've already convinced some friends to buy their own. In a world of poorly made products your company is an obvious stand out. Thank you again and keep up the outstanding work!"

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