Wild Game Recipes

Welcome to our Wildgame Recipe section.

I have been asked many times to write a cookbook offering all my easy Wild Game Recipes. I did not want you to wait until I completed a book, so we have decided to post my recipes so you can enjoy now. Keep coming back to our website to find out what to cook next with your wild game. - Kath Troubridge

When you look in your freezer and all you have left is the ground meat, this Hamburger and Vegetable Soup will cook up easy and can be enjoyed for several days. The flavor gets better as the week gets longer. It very easy to freeze and serve as a quick meal at a later date.

Cheesy Wild Turkey Curry Casserole

Duck Breast Saute

Russian Chicken or Wild Turkey

Fresh Corn Salsa

Taco Salad

Hamburger and Vegetable Soup

Turkey Scaloppine

Venison and Wild Mushroom Pie

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