Previous Crossbow Models

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Matrix Mega 405

     Matrix Mega 405: The Perfect Combination of Unprecedented Reliability, Speed & Power!
    The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is a hard-hitting powerhouse that’s built…
  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Matrix 380 Lynx

    Limited Edition Excalibur Matrix 380 ‘Lynx’ is Fully Decked Out in Realtree AP Snow Camouflage, The Answer to the Hardcore Buck Hunter’s Late Season Quest!


  • Previous Crossbow Models


    Excalibur’s 225 lb. Equinox combines outstanding power and impressive speeds of up to 350 FPS* with our handsome and ergonomic thumbhole stock. The Equinox is designed and built with…

  • Previous Crossbow Models


    Excalibur Crossbow has broken new ground with its amazing Exomax hunting crossbow. The Exomax is one of the fastest hunting crossbows ever produced, boasting a…

  • Previous Crossbow Models


    Shooting up to 330 FPS,* the 200 lb. Vortex gives you smart design and enviable performance all in a smaller package. Utilizing our comfortable and stable thumbhole stock, it…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Exocet 200

    The time-tested Exocet lives on, now with our 200 lb. forward mounted limb system! The Exocet 200 delivers up to 330 FPS* of velocity for…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Vixen II

    Don’t be fooled, the delivers plenty of power, producing arrow speeds in excess of 285 FPS*!

    Producing arrow speeds in excess of 285 FPS,* the 150…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Eclipse XT

    Designed specifically for the blind hunter, the features a carbon fiber finish and delivers
    a 350 grain arrow at 330 fps*!

    Journey into the dark…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Apex Light - 40

    The Apex Light-40 shares all the same rugged characteristics as all Excalibur’s high-end hunting crossbows. However with its light smooth draw weight of 40 pounds, the Apex Light-40 is…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Axiom SMF

    Capable, accurate, reliable, efficient, light and comfortable to cock, the Axiom has what it takes to handle any of North America’s largest game!

    The efficient Axiom…

  • Previous Crossbow Models


    Wallop without the weight – that’s what you get with the, a small-framed crossbow that stores exceptional energy and provides ample power.

    The Excalibur Phoenix proves…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Ibex SMF

    The IBEX SMF is small in stature but big on performance. it’s smooth, silent and deadly.

    Excalibur’s Ibex SMF crossbow combines our ergonomic thumbhole stock with…

  • Previous Crossbow Models

    Relayer Y25


    To commemorate Excalibur's 25th anniversary we have produced a very special limited production crossbow, the Relayer Y25.

    Only 1,000 of this crossbow…

  • Previous Crossbow Models


    Our Pixel crossbow is designed to allow you to introduce young people to the art of crossbow shooting to help them to develop not…

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