Excalibur Crossbow Accessories

  • Scopes & Accessories

    Scopes & Accessories

    Excalibur offers multiplex crossbow scopes for precise trajectory compensation for any crossbow shooting between 250 and 350 FPS. Our adjustable multiplex crosshair system allows you to adjust crosshair spacing for precisely 10 yard increments to match the exact trajectory of your crossbow.

  • Strings & Silencers

    Strings & Silencers

    Excalibur combines modern materials with traditional, time-proven design for the utmost in performance and durability. Excalibur crossbow strings are made to acheive high arrow velocity with maximum reliability. Our string silencers reduce string noise with minimal loss of velocity.

  • Cocking & Stringing Aids

    Cocking & Stringing Aids

    Excalibur offers innovative products to aid in loading and unloading your Excalibur Crossbow and changing crossbow strings. Our rope cocking aid helps reduce the felt draw weight by 50% and allows for perfect string alignment every time. The Crankaroo quickly attaches and detaches from your crossbow and dramatically reduces the effort required to cock your crossbow. Changing your bow string is a simple process with our Stringing Aid.

  • Arrows


    Excalibur's Firebolt crossbow hunting arrows are made from the highest quality materials to exact specifications to ensure the best possible accuracy. Firebolts are available in Series 22 Carbon or Easton XX75 aluminum camo shafts.

  • Quivers & Accessories

    Quivers & Accessories

    Excalibur's quivers are designed with safety and convenience in mind. Our durable, camouflaged hood will protect you from razor sharp broadheads and the arrow clips will securely hold the arrows during transport. With a simple twist of a locking screw the quiver can be easily attached and detached.

  • Stock Accessories

    Stock Accessories

    Excalibur offers a line of accessories to make shooting your crossbow more comfortable. Our cheekpiece offers a comfortable shooting experience and maximizes control, and the X-Tender is the perfect accessory if you need a little extra length on the stock of your Excalibur Crossbow.

  • Broadheads


    Selecting the right broadhead for your hunting crossbow can be a tricky issue. Excalibur offers two tried and tested broadhead solutions with our crossbows. The Boltcutter fixed-blade broadhead has been tested and proven to be the most accurate hunting broadhead on the market. Our X-Act mechanical broadhead maintains maximum velocity and outstanding accuracy.

  • Maintenance Items

    Maintenance Items

    Serving Wax, Rail Lube and Trigger Oil.

  • Storage and Transportation

    Storage and Transportation

    Transport your Excalibur with confidence with our line of crossbow carrying devices.

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